Photo Shoots at The Jungle Warrington

Pre-Booked or First Come First Served

Some dates will offer the option of a 'First Come First Served' basis using a number ticket system, and other dates will offer will be based on Pre-Booked slots only.

On the 'First Come First Served' dates, no bookings are required. You can simply collect a number ticket from reception when you arrive at The Jungle, and we work in number order. We call out each number on the speakers, your free mini photo shoot will last approx 5 minutes and you can view your photos afterwards with the option to purchase instant prints to take home. On the 'First Come First Served' dates, it is subject to availability.

For the Pre-Booked option, please see below for details....

Pre-booked mini photo shoots - £25

Approx 7 minute photo shoots spaced every 10 minutes.

Includes £25 discounted off your spend on our instant prints.

Soon after your mini photo shoot you will be able to look through your photos and choose which ones you would like instantly printed to take home. You will be discounted £25 off your total. If your total is less than £25 you will not receive any money discounted.

So really, it's like a free photo shoot with a min spend of £25 on our instant prints.

Please use this link to pre-book and purchase a slot:

>>> BOOK HERE >>>

Sorry, strict rules I'm afraid...

1> Sorry, no refunds. If you no longer require your booked slot we won't be able to offer you a refund.

2> Don't be late. If you are late for your slot we probably won't be able to find a vacant slot to fit you in, we will try but there is a good chance you will lose out and we are unable to offer refunds, sorry.

3> We might be delayed. We will do our best to keep to the time slots, but we can't guarantee we will be on time, I'm sure we will, but you never know.

4> Max 1 child per shoot or max 2 siblings per shoot. (With an exception, if for example you are a child minder with numerous children, we would be happy to accommodate for up to 6 children if you booked two slots back to back).

5> You will still be required to pay the usual entry fees for The Jungle (if applicable to you).

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