Pre-School-Photography - Ben Unwin Photography

Pre-School Photography

combined with a little story telling and craft

We are a husband and wife team made up of Ben Unwin (the photographer) and Kate Unwin (the Early Years Practitioner).

Each time we visit a pre-school, we take the time to let the children learn a little about ourselves, and Kate will do what she loves best and read a story, and maybe do some crafts whilst Ben gets the photography experience set and ready for the little ones. By the time we are ready to take their photos, the children have been educated a little in photography and are usually relaxed and keen to have their photos taken.

Pre-school photo shoots are completely free

You receive a private gallery with numerous photos to browse

If you like them, it's an optional £40 payment to receive high quality full size digital copies of all the photos from your private gallery

Your child's photos won't be shared with anybody else in any way (unless you give written permission by email)
A little more about us:

The Wife
Name: Kate Unwin
Profession: Early Years Practitioner - Currently part time in a Cheshire based setting, nearly completed Level 3 ?????xxxxx. Previously provided a freelance story telling and crafts service for early years settings.
Passion: "Coming from a literacy background working in a childrens book shop, my biggest passion is using the power of story telling to ………….???xxxxxxx…
Role: To engage with the children through story telling and crafts, discussing and educating in relation to photography and the uses of photos. Kate’s role really helps prepare the children for their little photo shoot, usually resulting in the little ones excited to have their photos taken and being more relaxed in front of the camera.

The Husband
Name: Ben Unwin
Profession: Professional photographer
Passion: “I have always had a real passion for all areas of photography, but one of the things I love to capture the most, is that magical smile from a child, and capturing the child’s personality and characteristics.
Role: Through photography and careful photo editing, Ben creates beautiful private galleries for each individual child, containing numerous photos displaying various angles, actions & expressions.
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