Bass Week 2015 - Ben Unwin Photography

Photos of Bass Week 2015

I wish I was in a position to be able to share them all for free, but unfortunately I need to make a little money to cover my time and expense to photograph all the wonderful sailing. Therefore it would be much appreciated if some people would kindly purchase and download a couple of their favourite photos from the galleries below.

If you have managed to get mud on the top of your sail, I can photoshop it out for you!

Click on an image below to open the relevant gallery. 

Crew Available

As well as taking photos of yachts and dinghies, I love to sail them too whenever I get chance.

If anybody needs an occasional crew, please do give me a shout. I am based in Warrington, I have sailed in various dinghies, and have a little racing experience.

Racing or cruising, a one off day, or a full event, please do let me know if you need crew.

Sphere Bass Effect - £20

Please let me know the file name/number of your chosen photo and make a secure online payment using my payments page:
I will then email you the full size image of your Sphere Bass Art
I am also happy to work on any of your own previous photos.
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