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Hello, I am Ben Unwin, a passionate photographer based in Warrington, Cheshire, covering the North West. Numerous paths have led me to photography, having always been creative and having an observant nature.

Before I became a photographer I spent all my working days retouching and editing photos for other photographers around the globe. Working so closely with some of the worlds greatest photographers really inspired me to start shooting with my own camera, and my passion for photography is forever growing.

I get a thrill from capturing that magical moment, whether it be a child's big smile at just the right moment, or the groom seeing his bride for the first time. My services range from corporate event photography and wedding photography to family portraits either with outdoor locations or using a portable photography studio.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or would like to check my availability,

please email:

or telephone: 07702 832 788

A little more about me...

If you are considering hiring me to photograph your family, or to capture your special day, or maybe to capture an important corporate event, then it's only fair that you learn a little more about myself first...

I work from our family home in Warrington, Cheshire. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful little boys. Combined with what I mentioned above about being inspired by working with great photographers from around the globe, from having our first baby, I was continuously motivated to keep my camera to hand, learning the secrets of capturing beautiful and magical photographs of children and family.

I have sinse been building my portfolio, from weddings to corporate events, as well as family and child portraiture photography. One of my key strengths, is to visualise the end photo as I am taking it. I know that sounds too obvious and easy, but what I mean is, as I have spent so much time editing other photographers photos because they didnt notice a chair in the background, or forgot to tidy the wedding dress trail, or didnt allow for the harsh sunlight beaming on a guest's face, I kind of have a sixth sense to be aware of all possible photo issues.

I pride myself on providing a relaxed and friendly service, along with exceptional attention to detail within my photography service.

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